MAR 30 2012

Are IT Trends on a collision course with IT departments?

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Based on current statements by leading analysts and market researchers, the dominant trends in the coming years are called Cloud, Mobile, Social Networks and Big Data.

Many CIOs will continue to regard these trends as mere prognoses. However, a second glance will reveal that these topics specifically have the potential for essential changes reaching far beyond the existing IT structures.


Neither Cloud, Mobile nor Social Media are classic IT trends; on the contrary, they are content-related technology-based trends, and as such are the opposite of the ‘good old’ IT.

Although the content requirements are provided by the respective company, Cloud Computing, regardless of whether it is used as Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) or Software as a Service (SaaS), serves as direct service facilitator ‘from the cloud‘. This frequently either circumvents the classic IT department or alternately confronts it with a ‘fait accompli’. As the available budget is not duplicated, this leads to a corresponding reduction of the (internal) IT budget.

For Mobile issues, the odds were in favour of the internal IT departments. But due to the long-standing resistance against mobile user scenarios by many internal IT departments, development such as “Bring your own Device” (ByoD) have led to increased consumerization (, which in turn means that the control of these devices is increasingly no longer in the hands of IT departments ( And there is a significant boost in the pipeline for this area, as the use of tablets in the US federal government is expected to triple by 2013. (
However, the loss of control is followed by a loss of budgetary resources!

It is unnecessary to mention that Social Media are completely removed from IT control and that blocking access to these portals hardly affects staff, as in this environment there is, anyway, more confidence placed in self-owned mobile devices.

This leaves only Big Data, which does not so far pose any significant financial challenge to IT departments. However, should no solutions be forthcoming one can expect the next requisite trend to follow.

So what does this mean for large organizations – public administrations for instance?

The growing utilization of trustworthy Cloud solutions bring about significant
improvements, especially in the field of collaboration, as the current explosion in some organizations of collaboration islands for 5-50 users would be unmanageable, both from a financial and from a security perspective.

As far as mobile devices go, it is now high time to act – as the alternative to allegedly insecure mobile devices are data copies on private accounts on insecure sharing and mail platforms – definitely not a pleasant outlook for organizations.

So we can expect to see a lot of action and competition!

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