SEP 11 2012

Office-Apps on the iPad: Fit for ECM or just a toy?

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The Apple iPad is market leader and therefore the number one in the tablet market. In the second part of our blog series we analyse how to work with office-apps on the iPad. The result will be outlined in a detailled testresult that is shown in the figure below. Additionally, we want to answer the question if the iPad is ready for the business world and which apps we recommend to use for secure collaboration. Lust bot not least we deal with the question what is the best app to create, edit and save documents with an iPad in the cloud.



We carried out the tests with following parameters:

Device: Apple iPad 2




- Fabasoft eGov-Suite 2012
- Fabasoft Folio Cloud

An overview of the test documentation

Office² HD Pages Quickoffice Pro HD
Provider Byte Squared Ltd. Apple Inc. QuickOffice, Inc.
Supported document formats .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx .doc, .xls, .ppt, .rtf, .epub, iWork * .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx, .txt
Keep original document format yes no  -
Keep paragraph formats yes no  -
Keep original fields yes no  -
Merge fields Fields with values Get lost while synchronizing  -
Rename documents on the server yes no  -
Delete documents on the server yes no  -
Move documents on the server yes no  -
Copy documents on the server yes no  -
Create folders yes no  -
Create documents yes yes  -
WebDAV yes yes no
CMIS no no no
Help yes (only english) yes  -
Amount of WebDAV-drives any 1  -
Price € 5,99,- € 7,99,- € 15,99,-
Languages english, german english, german,…  -
GUI - (e.g. defining username) + clear, straight  -
Comments Warning during document import. E.g.  font „Calibri“ not available. WebDAV-connection doesn’t work.

* For xls, ppt-files you have to purchase additional software (Numbers and Present)


Office² HD:
Firstly, the configuration of WebDAV-folders works quite easy. Secondly, editing and saving documents onto the ECM-system works very well.

Changing documents on the server is quite complicated because the document will be saved only local instead of saving it on the server. If you want to upload the file you have to  focus the menu “Share & Print”, subentry “Copy to WebDAV” and choose out the right filetype. In few cases, e.g. docx-files Pages stores a copy of the edited file on the server which means that the editted file is available in two different versions.

In conclusion, Apple Pages is very focussed on the Apple-service “iCloud”. For other ECM-systems the app Office² HD is the better solution because of the support of standards like document formatting and compatibility of contents.

The app Quickoffice Pro HD can only connect to predefined interfaces. Furthermore it is not possible to connect to any ECM-system that is using the WebDAV or the CMIS standard.


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