JAN 7 2013

Find quickly instead of a long search

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In the recent article we talked about “Structured order or efficient searches” where the change of working methods in organisations was pointed out. Also the fact of increasing amount of data makes an efficient search application very important.

This article outlines the possibilities how to use an enterprise search application in the own company to deal with the vast amount of information.

An enterprise search application should provide a remedy for the increasing growth of data. Furthermore it should quickly and easily access all enterprise data in the company. A study confirms the relevance of this topic: Inefficient search for documents costs about two weeks of the working hours per employee in a year.

Whether quick and easy access to corporate data in practice works as you would like, will be analysed on the basis of the search application Mindbreeze Enterprise Search. This software is able to search over distributed data sources and to integrate all company information into a uniform linked whole. The following graphic shows that Mindbreeze can index various data sources easily and users can search in a central search box for desired information.

How the search application could be used in a company with multiple data sources is shown in the following video. You are going to see the most important functions of Mindbreeze in the web client, which can be used with all popular web browsers.

* For a better screen resolution change the quality (gear-wheel) to 720p (HD).

Mindbreeze Enterprise Search is the evidence that searching for documents has nothing to do with the saying “looking for the needle in the haystack”. With Mindbreeze it is easy to index various data sources – doesn’t matter if structured or unstructured content – and intuitive to find documents. As already mentioned in the video, you can save a lot of time in your company if you have an efficient search engine.

IDC-Study: http://www.ejitime.com/materials/IDC%20on%20The%20High%20Cost%20Of%20Not%20Finding%20Information.pdf

Mindbreeze Enterprise Search: http://www.mindbreeze.com/products/enterprise/enterprise-search.html

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