MAR 26 2013

Editing Documents on the Windows Tablet: Usable for Business?

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In the second half of 2012 we wrote a series of articles about “Editing documents with tablets”, in which we tested Office apps on the iOS platform and on Android devices. Meanwhile, Microsoft has also released a tablet called “Surface Windows RT” which is the reason to finalize the blog series, analyzing the document managing skills of the Microsoft tablet.


Name of the test device: “Surface Tablet with Windows RT, 64 GB”

Office apps: Microsoft Office

ECM/Cloud products:
- Fabasoft eGov-Suite (Testet with version 2012)
- Fabasoft Folio Cloud

Actually, the article should have the same structure as the other articles of this series: The comparison of different Office apps and a conclusion, which apps are suitable for document editing.

However, in the Windows world things work differently. In contrast to the Android and Apple platform Microsoft provides with the Windows Store a smaller AppStore. Additionally, because of the proprietary Windows platform Microsoft Office is the marketleader in terms of office apps. That’s the reason why there are no other office apps available that are competitive. E.g. OpenOffice

The installed Windows operating system provides a familiar environment for the Windows experienced user. So on the Surface RT-tablet the Office products Word, Excel and PowerPoint are pre-installed and therefore automatically available.* This means that for editing documents no separate app has to be installed. Saving files directly from the Office application into a cloud service only works with the own services from Microsoft “Office 365 SharePoint” and “SkyDrive”. Other cloud services or ECM systems, such as Fabasoft eGov-Suite cannot be added because Office does not allow the connection to open interfaces.

Alternatively, editing documents in the cloud or in the ECM system works via WebDAV. It is like editing documents on the familiar Windows Explorer. With the use of Microsoft Office products on the tablet your are enjoying the great advantages that Office delivers: Field functions, mail merge functionality, paragrah formats, different languages, etc.

An overview of the test documentation

 Product Microsoft Office
Unternehmen Microsoft Corporation
Supported document formats .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx, .txt
Keep original document format yes
Keep paragraph formats yes
Keep original fields yes
Merge fields Fields with values **
WebDAV no (WebDAV-Connection only works via Windows Explorer)
Anzahl der WebDAV-Drives none
Help yes
Price Office-License already included in Windows RT
Languages English, German,..
GUI ++

** For opening the mail merge letter you have to disable the datasources during the opening process.

Working on the Windows tablet is quick and easy to learn because in fact it works in the same way as in the familiar Windows environment on the desktop PC. The drawback is that a proprietary platform allows no open interfaces, which means that in the Office applications no other cloud service can be integrated and thus Microsoft is trying to stop the use of products of their competitors. Furthermore, the Windows Store has a smaller selection of apps in contrast to iOS and Android.


* This is a prerelease. Microsoft points on restrictions, which you cannot see where they are.


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