MAY 7 2013

Annotation of a Document on the Windows Tablet

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In the third and last part of the blog series titled “Annotations” I analyse making comments on a PDF document on the Windows Tablet. In the context of mobile document editing, a blog article was already released, which also handles the Microsoft Tablet. There, it was mentioned that the Windows store is in relation to the Google Play and the Apple store relatively small. This has an affect of available ECM apps. Fabasoft currently offers as most other ECM system manufacturers no own app for the Windows platform.

However, annotations on PDF-files can still attached and stored in the cloud or in the ECM system. It works under Windows RT in File Explorer via WebDAV. How this looks like can be seen in the following figure:

Figure: Screenshot of the file explorer on Windows Surface Tablet.

The tests were conducted under the following constellation:

Device: Surface Tablet with Windows RT

- Fabasoft Folio Cloud
- Fabasoft eGov-Suite 2012
- Fabasoft eGov-Suite 2013

- Adobe Reader
- Windows Reader
- Foxit Mobile PDF

An overview of the test documentation

  Adobe Reader Windows Reader Foxit Mobile PDF
Provider Adobe Systems Inc. Microsoft Corporation Foxit Corporation
WebDAV available No No No
Direct Download und Upload possible No No Yes
Path to make annotations - 1. Locate document in Windows Explorer and select “Open”
2. Choose “Reader”
3. Highlight a section and tap
–> Making annotations with different tools possible
1. Locate document in Windows Explorer and select “Open”
2. Choose “Foxit Mobile PDF for Win8″
3. Highlight a section and tap
–> Making annotations with different tools possible
Features of annotations  - highlighting, writing highlighting, writing
Supported file types  -  PDF PDF
Saving into Cloud/ECM  - 1. Open context menu
2. Choose save
1. Open context menu
2. Choose save
Multi-Document-Editing  -  No No
GUI -  ° *  ° *
Languages - German, English,… English
Comments Making annotations is not available with this app –> no detailled analysis executed

* The GUI is not the best one. Initially I haven’t found the “Save” functionality. You have to click the right button on the touchpad in order to get the possibility to save your annotations. When working only via touch screen I haven’t found to select the menu “Save”. This applies for the Windows reader as well as for the Foxit Reader app.

The Adobe Reader app provides unfortunately no annotation function under Windows RT, which surprise me because this works with the Adobe app on iOS as well as on Android.

The app from Microsoft which is called “Reader” is already pre-installed on the system and has the most important functions such as making notes and highlighting a story. However, there are no other functions, for example signature, freehand drawing, etc.
The app Foxit works like the Microsoft app and the menu structure is also very similar. But it is available only in English and must be installed through the Windows store.

Finally, mobile annotations are also possible on the Windows Tablet. If the platform gets more popular in future, there will be probably several apps that extend the current possibilities.


Microsoft Surface:

Adobe Reader:

Foxit PDF:


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