FEB 12 2014

Fabasoft egovdays 2014

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On 31st January 2014 approximately 150 participants met at the Grand Hotel Vienna for the annual Fabasoft egovday.

Digital Natives – generations born after 1980 for who tablets, smartphones, Facebook &co. come as standard – took centre stage at the event.


In his keynote “Generation Y – who we are and what we want”, Philipp Riederle presented how the youth of today see the working world of tomorrow. The 19 year old business consultant and podcaster achieved regional fame through his podcast “Mein iPhone und Ich …” (My iPhone and me…). In his entertaining keynote he described how digital natives communicate and how personal needs have changed.

Tanja Stingeder, Stefan Arnold and Stefan Berndorfer from Fabasoft followed up Philipp Riederle’s remarks by showing where these “youthful” demands are already business reality.

The Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce plays a pioneering role in the e-services sector. For a number of years they have offered online services such as the electronic application of a certificate of origin for goods export. Tanja Stingeder demonstrated how easily the certificate can be electronically requested, enabling companies to save time and money. Businesses simply have to register on the chamber of commerce’s online service portal, electronically specify the relevant goods and upload the necessary documents. The Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce currently offers 15 online services.

Gerhard Stöger from the Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce’s foreign trade department contributed with a video message: “The Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce issues around 20,000 certificates of origin per year. Previously all of these had to be processed manually. Now companies conduct this process easily and conveniently via our e-service portal, thereby saving time and money.”

Stefan Arnold, Head of Product Development for Fabasoft eGov-Suite demonstrated how variable and adaptable the Fabasoft eGov-Suite is: Accessible via all common mobile devices (Blackberry, Surface, iPad etc.) and web browsers (web client) or integrated as a network drive.

So-called Teamrooms in the Fabasoft Cloud enable easy collaboration with external partners. The Teamroom is created in Fabasoft eGov-Suite and transferred to the relevant country in Fabasoft’s secure cloud environment. Partners are then invited to the collaboration. Depending on their access rights they can read or edit the documents. Once the collaboration is complete the content of the Teamroom is transferred back to ELAK.

In this context, a particular highlight is the simultaneous editing of a document by multiple users. If multiple users are working on the same document, each user sees the changes made by the other uses in real-time via colour marking.

Stefan Berndorfer showed how you can maintain an overview over large volumes of data with Mindbreeze. Based on semantics and relevance models, Mindbreeze recognises and lists correlations for an entered search term. Using a calendar entry in Outlook Stefan Berndorfer demonstrated how the search works. By clicking on the calendar entry Mindbreeze finds all suitable entries from the connected sources (e.g. Salesforce, SAP etc.). These are displayed and can be instantly reused.

A self-driving car with a blind driver offered the perfect introduction to the next keynote. Mario Batusic, Fabasoft Accessibility Expert, gave a live demo of a selection of advanced product functionalities. Instead of screen and mouse as output and input devices, he uses Braille display and keyboard. For Fabasoft eGov-Suite accessibility is a global software characteristic that is constantly developed with the product. The Stiftung Pfennigparade (Pfennigparade Foundation) evaluated the accessibility of the Fabasoft eGov-Suite. Joachim Hellriegel from the Stiftung Pfennigparade presented the methodology of this test procedure. With 93.5 points (“easily accessible”) the Fabasoft eGov-Suite was able to achieve an outstanding result.

Dipl.-Ing. Helmut Fallmann, Member of the Fabasoft AG Managing Board provided a fitting conclusion to the Fabasoft egovday 2014 in Vienna with his appeal for a “United Clouds of Europe”. In his keynote he explained why it is time to fight for a common European economic continent. Cloud computing in particular contains enormous growth potential and is possibly Europe’s last chance to return to its previous strengths. Consistent certificates and standards are needed for this as well as massive investment in broadband infrastructure and in the education system. Our European data is as valuable as gold and must be protected accordingly – businesses loses billions of euros every year through industrial espionage and product counterfeiting.

Helmut Fallmann is campaigning for a European cloud in which customers know where their data is stored (locations) and also have the possibility to access their data. Fabasoft developed the Fabasoft Cloud for this. A business cloud application protected by two factor authentication whose entire source code lies with Fabasoft. The central element for collaboration is the Teamroom, where documents can be stored and edited. This enables Fabasoft to offer a secure business platform for the international collaboration of companies on European soil. Security always takes top priority. TÜV Rheinland i-sec GmbH awarded the Fabasoft Cloud with the “Certified Cloud Service” certificate to confirm that it fulfils the following objectives concerning cloud infrastructure and cloud application: Secure data hosting, secure data transfer, secure operation of business-critical applications, quality and availability of service provision, high service continuity, high on-demand scalability, security and quality of data access and data storage, secure login procedures and authorisation systems for controlling data access at network level and state of the art protection against attacks.

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