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Who doesn’t know the proud question asked by a manufacturer of herbal sweets? Being the originator of something new is, without a doubt, a cause for pride. However, with eGovernment, the time for innovation is past. And before anyone gets … Continue reading

Just like administration, corporate working methods are subject to constant change. At a time when all processes were based on paper documentation alone, one could rely on the same proven methods for decades. In today’s world, constant technological change has … Continue reading

In precisely the field where state borders dissipate – the Internet – online state government services (eGov) face the highest obstacles. This may be one of the reasons why electronic administrative processes still have such large potential and why they … Continue reading

The commercial market became transformed from a sellers’ to a buyers’ market many years ago. Subject to a growing pressure to perform, corporate operative units have been taking more liberties, also including those in technical fields. However, IT departments in … Continue reading

Everybody knows that security is a major success factor of eGovernment and eCommerce. Opinions start to diverge considerably, however, once details are examined. As the last blog focused on the topic “Data security for mobile access” , this blog will … Continue reading

The current discussion related to eGovernment and participation is deteriorating continuously, as it focuses on the present primary use of social media: a “Like” or short Tweet with a maximum 140 characters. However, the much spoken of and desired participation … Continue reading

As current cloud, mobile and social trends show, users are facing significant changes in information technology. The classic desktop era, which began its success story in 1995, has for some time now been stagnating. For several years sales figures have … Continue reading

Based on current statements by leading analysts and market researchers, the dominant trends in the coming years are called Cloud, Mobile, Social Networks and Big Data. Many CIOs will continue to regard these trends as mere prognoses. However, a second … Continue reading

Nearly everyone in a responsible position will agree that companies and public institutions must place increasing emphasis on data security. However, I would like to challenge the sense of how this is currently enacted in regard to mobile access.   … Continue reading

The study ‟(N)ONLINER Atlas 2011‟ by ‟Initiative D21‟ shows that the number of NONLINER (“non-users of the  Internet “) in Germany is slowly declining (27% 2009 | 24% 2010 | 22% 2011). A closer look and comparison within Europe confirms … Continue reading