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Examined from a bird’s eye perspective, reports on Open Government give a thoroughly positive impression: Open Government creates transparency, Open Government enhances citizen orientation, Open Government enables citizen participation, Open Government provides free data, etc.

The utilization of Internet services is increasing constantly, as the E-Government Monitor 2011 study (text in German), despite regional differences, clearly demonstrates. Sweden and Austria reached 69 and 68 points respectively in the utilization of eGovernment services.   However, for … Continue reading

The social web continues to grow – and so does its importance – both for the purpose of social interaction and for commerce. Although there are sporadic cases of companies excluding themselves from the social media environment, today’s consumer sector, … Continue reading

New technologies and new trends create permanently new challenges both in companies and in the public sector. It is not easy to identify those, which are important for individual needs and to focus the right way for realization. Highly rated … Continue reading

It is a commonly held opinion in public administrations that the only way of ensuring satisfaction for citizens and corporations with e-Government is by making major organizational and technical investments.  In numerous projects, however, despite large investments, this satisfaction was … Continue reading

Transparency is currently a widely discussed topic. But what is it really about? And how do we achieve transparency as it is so crucial? The question whether transparency is really desirable, is easy to answer from the citizens’ point of … Continue reading

The year 2011, such as the years before, is characterized by an increasing number of trends and challenges. This arises for example in the amount of issues and topics, which are picked up by the trade press, by market research … Continue reading

Even without management attention, one or the other project may have been completed successfully, achieving its set objectives, during the past few years. However, with projects of strategic importance to an organization, those are the lucky exceptions.

Isolation may sound attractive for a while, especially to stressed city managers – but no one wants to live like Robinson Crusoe forever. In the IT context, practice has shown that the days of isolated applications – specialized processes incapable … Continue reading

The ongoing success of open systems is a trend that will become noticeable in 2011 no doubt – despite all opposition. While there are plenty of arguments against this forecast, a long-term change in the platforms is increasingly visible: