Who doesn’t know the proud question asked by a manufacturer of herbal sweets? Being the originator of something new is, without a doubt, a cause for pride. However, with eGovernment, the time for innovation is past. And before anyone gets … Continue reading

In precisely the field where state borders dissipate – the Internet – online state government services (eGov) face the highest obstacles. This may be one of the reasons why electronic administrative processes still have such large potential and why they … Continue reading

Everybody knows that security is a major success factor of eGovernment and eCommerce. Opinions start to diverge considerably, however, once details are examined. As the last blog focused on the topic “Data security for mobile access” , this blog will … Continue reading

Fabasoft took part in the IT User Group of the Major Cities of Europe Conference 2012, held between 4-6 June at the Vienna City Hall premises, as sponsor and exhibitor.    

The study ‟(N)ONLINER Atlas 2011‟ by ‟Initiative D21‟ shows that the number of NONLINER (“non-users of the  Internet “) in Germany is slowly declining (27% 2009 | 24% 2010 | 22% 2011). A closer look and comparison within Europe confirms … Continue reading

Examined from a bird’s eye perspective, reports on Open Government give a thoroughly positive impression: Open Government creates transparency, Open Government enhances citizen orientation, Open Government enables citizen participation, Open Government provides free data, etc.

The social web continues to grow – and so does its importance – both for the purpose of social interaction and for commerce. Although there are sporadic cases of companies excluding themselves from the social media environment, today’s consumer sector, … Continue reading

The current time is marked by a rapidly increasing number of economic crises.  Nevertheless numerous upcoming issues like Shared Services, Cloud Computing, Open Government or Open Data offer a huge innovation potential and thus the possibility to gain a positive … Continue reading

New technologies and new trends create permanently new challenges both in companies and in the public sector. It is not easy to identify those, which are important for individual needs and to focus the right way for realization. Highly rated … Continue reading

It is a commonly held opinion in public administrations that the only way of ensuring satisfaction for citizens and corporations with e-Government is by making major organizational and technical investments.  In numerous projects, however, despite large investments, this satisfaction was … Continue reading