Even without management attention, one or the other project may have been completed successfully, achieving its set objectives, during the past few years. However, with projects of strategic importance to an organization, those are the lucky exceptions.

Isolation may sound attractive for a while, especially to stressed city managers – but no one wants to live like Robinson Crusoe forever. In the IT context, practice has shown that the days of isolated applications – specialized processes incapable … Continue reading

The ongoing success of open systems is a trend that will become noticeable in 2011 no doubt – despite all opposition. While there are plenty of arguments against this forecast, a long-term change in the platforms is increasingly visible:

2010 was the year that the mobile Internet became suitable for the mass. 2011 will be the year that might see the full breakthrough, giving the “always-online” users access to anything on the Internet, anywhere, anytime – whether by mobile … Continue reading

Already for the second time after 2010 Fabasoft participated as main sponsor from European Union member states in the exhibition INFODOCUM 2011. The INFODOCUM is a major Russian-wide forum, where professionals from the public and private sector, responsible for document … Continue reading

E-Government has its roots in traditional back office contexts such as file management, business process management (BPM), or even enterprise resource planning (ERP) interfaces. The needs of today’s organizations however are manifold, and unless unsustainable mosaics of services and custom … Continue reading

We published a blog article recently (on the German side of this blog) about cloud computing and what it means for governments. The euro-centricity of our blog means that the text concentrated on many of the hurdles that cloud services … Continue reading

The amounts of documents public administrations have to process is hard to quantify. If you picture entire buildings used as archives however, you can imagine how much paper is piling up year after year. As mentioned before, many organizations still … Continue reading

New mobile devices such as Apple’s iPad or Samsung’s Galaxy Tab are sensational gadgets and tools to me that offer limitless advantages. That is how I saw them until recently. I was all the more astonished then, that there were … Continue reading

Public (and private) sector organizations will remain walled gardens unless the way they communicate internally and externally changes radically – open interfaces are the way to go.