Everybody knows that security is a major success factor of eGovernment and eCommerce. Opinions start to diverge considerably, however, once details are examined. As the last blog focused on the topic “Data security for mobile access” , this blog will … Continue reading

Let me start by limiting the scope of my topic. This first paragraph actually elaborates and explains the headline which, apparently, should not go on forever. 1. This article deals exclusively with the accessibility of software programmes and web services. … Continue reading

New technologies and new trends create permanently new challenges both in companies and in the public sector. It is not easy to identify those, which are important for individual needs and to focus the right way for realization. Highly rated … Continue reading

Isolation may sound attractive for a while, especially to stressed city managers – but no one wants to live like Robinson Crusoe forever. In the IT context, practice has shown that the days of isolated applications – specialized processes incapable … Continue reading

The ongoing success of open systems is a trend that will become noticeable in 2011 no doubt – despite all opposition. While there are plenty of arguments against this forecast, a long-term change in the platforms is increasingly visible:

2010 was the year that the mobile Internet became suitable for the mass. 2011 will be the year that might see the full breakthrough, giving the “always-online” users access to anything on the Internet, anywhere, anytime – whether by mobile … Continue reading

One pillar of what is conceptionally understood as open government, is collaboration (the others being transparency and participation, according to the model established by the Obama Memo, read here). Experts advocate in this context not only collaboration between governments and … Continue reading