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In the third part of the blog series “working on tablets” we are analyzing different kinds of Office-Apps on the Android device “Samsung Galaxy Tab”.  The tests are executed in the same form as on the Apple iPad (reported in … Continue reading

The Apple iPad is market leader and therefore the number one in the tablet market. In the second part of our blog series we analyse how to work with office-apps on the iPad. The result will be outlined in a … Continue reading

Mobile work – on an iPad or any other tablet – is becoming part and parcel of our professional environment, and an increasing necessity for staff on the go. To ensure secure collaboration it is mandatory to be able to … Continue reading

The commercial market became transformed from a sellers’ to a buyers’ market many years ago. Subject to a growing pressure to perform, corporate operative units have been taking more liberties, also including those in technical fields. However, IT departments in … Continue reading

As current cloud, mobile and social trends show, users are facing significant changes in information technology. The classic desktop era, which began its success story in 1995, has for some time now been stagnating. For several years sales figures have … Continue reading

Based on current statements by leading analysts and market researchers, the dominant trends in the coming years are called Cloud, Mobile, Social Networks and Big Data. Many CIOs will continue to regard these trends as mere prognoses. However, a second … Continue reading

Nearly everyone in a responsible position will agree that companies and public institutions must place increasing emphasis on data security. However, I would like to challenge the sense of how this is currently enacted in regard to mobile access.   … Continue reading

The study ‟(N)ONLINER Atlas 2011‟ by ‟Initiative D21‟ shows that the number of NONLINER (“non-users of the  Internet “) in Germany is slowly declining (27% 2009 | 24% 2010 | 22% 2011). A closer look and comparison within Europe confirms … Continue reading

New technologies and new trends create permanently new challenges both in companies and in the public sector. It is not easy to identify those, which are important for individual needs and to focus the right way for realization. Highly rated … Continue reading

2010 was the year that the mobile Internet became suitable for the mass. 2011 will be the year that might see the full breakthrough, giving the “always-online” users access to anything on the Internet, anywhere, anytime – whether by mobile … Continue reading