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In precisely the field where state borders dissipate – the Internet – online state government services (eGov) face the highest obstacles. This may be one of the reasons why electronic administrative processes still have such large potential and why they … Continue reading

Everybody knows that security is a major success factor of eGovernment and eCommerce. Opinions start to diverge considerably, however, once details are examined. As the last blog focused on the topic “Data security for mobile access” , this blog will … Continue reading

Nearly everyone in a responsible position will agree that companies and public institutions must place increasing emphasis on data security. However, I would like to challenge the sense of how this is currently enacted in regard to mobile access.   … Continue reading

New technologies and new trends create permanently new challenges both in companies and in the public sector. It is not easy to identify those, which are important for individual needs and to focus the right way for realization. Highly rated … Continue reading

New mobile devices such as Apple’s iPad or Samsung’s Galaxy Tab are sensational gadgets and tools to me that offer limitless advantages. That is how I saw them until recently. I was all the more astonished then, that there were … Continue reading

With over 20 years of practical experience in the field of public sector services, we have seen lots of trends, strategies and government master plans. But the outcome has seldomly met expectations. What had happened? And what do leading e-government … Continue reading