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Transparency is currently a widely discussed topic. But what is it really about? And how do we achieve transparency as it is so crucial? The question whether transparency is really desirable, is easy to answer from the citizens’ point of … Continue reading

More often than not, open government advocates see themselves as being in an uphill battle against giant bureaucratic monsters, as fighting the David versus Goliath fight. Just the same, especially in the “old” bureaucracies of Europe, public administrations see themselves … Continue reading

One pillar of what is conceptionally understood as open government, is collaboration (the others being transparency and participation, according to the model established by the Obama Memo, read here). Experts advocate in this context not only collaboration between governments and … Continue reading

One of the open government movement’s main agenda items is more transparency supported by ICT. More transparency brings better governance, makes administrations more efficient and brings citizen support and legitimacy, they argue. There is not universal agreement however on the … Continue reading